SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Improve alignment of your strategies and operations. Enhance productivity and insight for your organisation. That's the power you get with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from SAP – the power to adapt quickly to changing industry requirements.

SAP ERP addresses the core business software requirements of the most demanding midsize and large organisations – in all industries and sectors:

  • SAP ERP Human Capital Management – Transform the role and value of HR
  • SAP ERP Financials – Turn finance into a strategic business partner
  • SAP ERP Operations – Gain agility and speed in your operations
  • SAP ERP Corporate Services – Streamline business processes and costs
  • Discover the benefits that a modernized ERP system offers, and learn the strategies you can adopt to handle upgrading or replacing your ERP system in order to drive business growth by leveraging technology innovations.

    Netweaver - Business Intelligence (BI)

    BI can tightly integrate data warehousing capabilities on a comprehensive and scalable platform, while leveraging best practices to drive business intelligence predicated on a single version of the truth.

    By combining a scalable and layered architecture, a rich set of predefined business content based on established best practices, and key enterprise information management topologies.


    Netweaver - Business Objects (BO)

    With the SAP Business Objects software, you can simplify the way that decision makers use information in BI, allowing business users to access, explore, analyze, format, and share reliable information across the organization.


    Netweaver - Portal

    SAP NetWeaver Portal unifies key information and applications to give users a single view that spans IT silos and organizational boundaries. It allows you to take full advantage of all your information resources – and maximize the return on your IT investments. And, its predefined business content accelerates implementation and reduces the cost of integrating your existing systems.

    With SAP NetWeaver Portal, you can quickly and effectively integrate SAP solutions, third-party applications, legacy systems, databases, unstructured documents, internal and external Web content, and collaboration tools. It uses open standards, Web services, and tight integration with other SAP NetWeaver components to support heterogeneous systems from all major technology providers. And it comes with built-in support for Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Microsoft .NET technology


    Netweaver - Master Data Management (MDM)

    SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management is an enabling foundation for enterprise information management – providing a single version of master data for supplier, product, customer, or user-defined data objects in heterogeneous environments.

    Working across disparate systems, MDM ensures cross-system data consistency through interactive distribution. It integrates business processes across the extended value chain.